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September 2019
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February 2013

Test post

Hiya. I’m just dorking around with the mobile app. Looks like it works like...
February 7, 2013
January 2013

2012 Year in Pictures

Happy New Year! It was an amazing 2012 in pictures for me and I...
January 1, 2013
November 2012

Recent Projects

For the past couple of months, I’ve been doing the usual “follow my nephew’s...
November 29, 2012

Almost there

After forever and a day, I’m within 24-48 hours or launching my portfolio/business site...
November 27, 2012

Osashiburi Desu

It’s been quite sometime since I’ve decided to post something on this page. Several...
November 5, 2012
May 2012

Pardon my dust

The past weekend offered a lot of photo opportunities and I did my best...
May 22, 2012

2011 Football Slideshow

I decided to throw all of the candidate pictures for my top 10 faves...
May 17, 2012

Top Ten Football Photos from 2011

The baseball, basketball, hockey, lacrosse and soccer seasons are in full swing.  With all...
May 14, 2012
March 2012

Just some tiny colorful bubbles

Hello!  My latest pic for my 52 week photo project. Since starting this project...
March 5, 2012
February 2012


Here’s my week 6 entry for my 52 week photo project.  This has been...
February 21, 2012
January 2012

Here are a few from the birthday weekend.

For week 3, I decided to give light painting a try. Also I’ve been...
January 23, 2012

A few pics

Here’s my week 2 picture and another that I’m testing out lighting set-ups with.
January 16, 2012

Beginning With The End – Week 1 of 52

I figured there was no better way to start off the new year with...
January 9, 2012
December 2011

3rd Place in Penn Camera Contest

Great news! I placed 3rd in the Penn Camera Autumn leaves photo contest.  Oddly...
December 16, 2011
October 2011

CD Cover Game.

It’s been kinda slow here today and while listening to turntable.fm.  There was mention...
October 28, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year…

For some folks, it’s the Holiday season.  For others, it’s the summer.  For me,...
October 6, 2011
September 2011

“It’s been a long time…”

Like the title says, it’s been quite some time since I’ve made any additions...
September 29, 2011
May 2011

Another shot from Brookside

Here’s another pic from Brookside Garden. I remember thinking that it may be a...
May 14, 2011

There’s something about this time of year…

This time of year really makes me want to get off of my butt...
May 10, 2011
April 2011

For the sake…

This  was just simply for the sake of being random.  It’s about time I...
April 3, 2011
March 2011


Man oh Man!  I’ve had a busy couple of months.  I got married, then...
March 31, 2011
October 2010

Fall Colors

Here’s a pseudo HDR that i took on my way out the door from work last...
October 24, 2010

Semi drunken debauchery

Doing a little post processing to some of the shots I got Friday @...
October 24, 2010

Raindrops experiment #1

When the DC Metro Area (not DMV) got several days of rain a few...
October 21, 2010

Wilson @ Roosevelt 2010

With the help of a good buddy I got to shoot Wilson @ Roosevelt...
October 12, 2010
September 2010

HDR Test

here’s an HDR test on a dreary day. Edit: I suppose it could be...
September 30, 2010

The Line

A pic from the Wheaton game a few weeks back but I figured I’d...
September 27, 2010

Shots from outside my window.

I was playing around in Lightroom on my day off and came up with...
September 27, 2010

Taking the first steps

A while back,  I came up with the idea that I wouldn’t mind starting...
September 23, 2010


After a 4 or 5 year hiatus I’ve finally gotten around to reopening my...
September 22, 2010

Sigs and Avatars

Here are various signatures and avatars that I’ve done throughout the years. Click to...
September 22, 2010

Patuxent Wildlife Refuge

These shots were taken at the Patuxent Research Refuge in Laurel, MD.
September 21, 2010

Lake Artemesia Faves

These were shot at Lake Artemesia in Greenbelt, MD
September 20, 2010

Old Drawings

Here’s a bunch of old pics drawn about 7 or 6 years ago.  It...
September 20, 2010

Photo Dump

Pardon my dust.  I’m just posting some old photos.  Most of these were taken...
September 20, 2010

Shots from the latest outing.

Here are a few shots from my latest outing a couple of Friday’s ago....
September 19, 2010
August 2010

One last test

This will indication whether or not i’ll need to do a complete wipe of...
August 26, 2010
September 2009

It begins…

I look as this post as the first of many. This site will be...
September 18, 2009

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