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17 May 2012

2011 Football Slideshow

I decided to throw all of the candidate pictures for my top 10 faves into a slideshow using ProShow Producer.  Enjoy!

14 May 2012

Top Ten Football Photos from 2011

The baseball, basketball, hockey, lacrosse and soccer seasons are in full swing.  With all that action, I should be happy as a pig in slop as a sports fan, but nothing gets me as hyped as a good football game.  All due respect to those sports but there’s just something about football and the time of year that just adds that uncanny element to the game and really grabs my attention. Now I’ve said all of that to say that […]

28 Oct 2011

CD Cover Game.

It’s been kinda slow here today and while listening to turntable.fm.  There was mention of the CD Cover Game.  I was intrigued and figured  I would play along.  The rules go something like this: 1 – Go to Wikipedia and Hit “Random Article” on the right The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band. 2 – Go to Random quotations Hit refresh, and the last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the […]

29 Sep 2011

“It’s been a long time…”

Like the title says, it’s been quite some time since I’ve made any additions to this blog.  I’ve spent more time making additions to the various photo sites out there (500px, Flickr, Google+, and FB) that I have neglected my photo site. Well another football season has arrived and I’ve been out following the Wilson Tigers and getting some great shots in the process. Here are a few that I’ve decided to turn into some of the profile pics that […]

21 Oct 2010

Raindrops experiment #1

When the DC Metro Area (not DMV) got several days of rain a few weeks back I picked up my camera and tried a few things with capturing raindrops on glass while trying to also convey the time of year with some of the fall foliage.  At the same time I was inspired by the stop motion shots of Christian Plochacki, I attemped to do the same with this shot.  It falls way short of my original intent but I […]

12 Oct 2010

Wilson @ Roosevelt 2010

With the help of a good buddy I got to shoot Wilson @ Roosevelt last Friday night with a nice CanonEF 70-200  f/2.8 L series lens. Needless to say, the pics came out great.  I could only imagine how great these would look if it was a day game.  Also, you may noticed that I’ve been posting a few special pics with tons of post processing on them.  These are apart of what has become a sub project of sorts. […]

27 Sep 2010

The Line

A pic from the Wheaton game a few weeks back but I figured I’d give it an old school kinda of look.  If anyone is actually following this site, I plan to post profile/football card-like shots after I get a few more pics this week at Wilson and Carroll’s homecoming games

27 Sep 2010

Shots from outside my window.

I was playing around in Lightroom on my day off and came up with this.

23 Sep 2010
22 Sep 2010

Sigs and Avatars

Here are various signatures and avatars that I’ve done throughout the years. Click to see the full versions.

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