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03 Sep 2019

Back in the Saddle Again

This won’t be a lengthy post. After a few months of much needed rest and quiet time, late-August and September brings a busy photography schedule. Last weekend I was lucky enough to have covered the game of football at the high school, pro, and collegiate levels. It seem like with every game, I would remember something that I did different or incorporated in my shooting to try and make for interesting images. Here are a few of my faves from […]

30 Aug 2019

It’s not just pre-season for the players.

Well it finally happened. I covered my first NFL game and even better it was a Washington Redskins game. Being a Washingtonian and life-long Redskins fans, you think this would have been huge for me. It was and it wasn’t. When I first started shooing my nephew’s football games at Wilson Senior High in DC, I never would have imagined I would be on a NFL sideline. I picked up a camera at the time to be more active and […]

26 Aug 2019

Pardon My Dust | SJC vs. Southridge

  Hi.  This is my first blog post in about 6 years or so. Sure, I would post the occasional bit of text with my Instagram posts, but it just wasn’t enough. After I left my day job and started to work for myself roughly two years ago, I thought I would have all of the time in the world to make blog posts and record the occasional video. Of course it never quite works out that way.  After shooting […]

01 Jan 2013

2012 Year in Pictures

Happy New Year! It was an amazing 2012 in pictures for me and I figured it was time for a look back. Unfortunately, I couldn’t settle on a top 10 or 20 pics so I just posted the ones that just jumped out at me. Enjoy!

29 Nov 2012

Recent Projects

For the past couple of months, I’ve been doing the usual “follow my nephew’s football team around and get pics” routine.  This year I changed it up a bit and decided to apply to shoot for DC Sportsfan.  That would allow me (also give me a reason) to go out and check out more high school area sports and photograph it.  In my first couple of weeks I’ve been happy to say that some of my work has been used […]

05 Nov 2012

Osashiburi Desu

It’s been quite sometime since I’ve decided to post something on this page. Several reasons for this: First was the creation and content upload for my online portfolio/business site f3nomenal.com. Things are very close to completion and I’m really happy with the results. Secondly, there was the abundance of photography work that I’ve been doing the last couple of months. Weddings, sports events and portrait shoots that have all been really good experiences and have played a big hand in […]

17 May 2012

2011 Football Slideshow

I decided to throw all of the candidate pictures for my top 10 faves into a slideshow using ProShow Producer.  Enjoy!

14 May 2012

Top Ten Football Photos from 2011

The baseball, basketball, hockey, lacrosse and soccer seasons are in full swing.  With all that action, I should be happy as a pig in slop as a sports fan, but nothing gets me as hyped as a good football game.  All due respect to those sports but there’s just something about football and the time of year that just adds that uncanny element to the game and really grabs my attention. Now I’ve said all of that to say that […]

05 Mar 2012

Just some tiny colorful bubbles

Hello!  My latest pic for my 52 week photo project. Since starting this project I’ve noticed that my eye is a bit more active. It’s like I’m always on the lookout, even on my drive to and from work.  Not to mention I’ve been really happy with the results from my weekly shots and I know that they will only get better when it is all said and done.  Now that I’ve said all of that, my latest pic was […]

23 Jan 2012

Here are a few from the birthday weekend.

For week 3, I decided to give light painting a try. Also I’ve been trying to nails this one post processing technique created by Sandbox Photography called Vanillaroid.  After trying it on a few pics, i made some adjustments to it and a few of my techniques on it.  Below is the result, I hope you like.

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