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Designer, Photographer and Creative Director

A bit of info about me

Hello, my name is Cory.  I'm an artist, photographer, gamer, designer and lover of life.  I currently service the DMV as a freelance photographer and graphic designer.  My passion for photography was sparked by nature and sports photography, but I've also been known to cover special events and take a few portraits. Please read below on the kind of photographer that you're hiring.

From Hobby to Career

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I have worked in photography for 10 years. Over the last 5 years, I have worked hard to turn my hobby into a career that lets me fulfill my passion in photography.

Like most, I've always had some sort of camera in my hands at a very young age.  I did not develop a true appreciation for the form until college when, through coursework, I developed a better understanding of light and the intricacies of my camera, an old 35MM Pentax.

More than a few years later, a inspiration and advice from a good friend of mine transformed an occasional hobby into a passion in photography. From then on, I began working to acquire the skills and equipment needed to do so. My plan was to first buy a beginner level DSLR, which I took out to shoot landscapes and flowers. I then used the images to refine post-production skills in Photoshop.

After a year or so of photographing nature all around, I began covering a few of my nephew's football games. From then, I was hooked! I covered as many sports events that I could, even accepting contracts from ESPN's The Undefeated, The DC Bowl Commision, DCSAA and Cal Sports Media, amongst other clients. I became committed to improving my craft, trying to capture those moments that one would normally pass by without giving it a second thought.

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