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Osashiburi Desu

It’s been quite sometime since I’ve decided to post something on this page. Several reasons for this: First was the creation and content upload for my online portfolio/business site f3nomenal.com. Things are very close to completion and I’m really happy with the results. Secondly, there was the abundance of photography work that I’ve been doing the last couple of months. Weddings, sports events and portrait shoots that have all been really good experiences and have played a big hand in the improvement of my work. Lastly…with all the posting on the various social media pages, I just plain neglected my little old photo blog. Well I say, “No more!” Here’s the first post of many.

This pic is my latest installment in my annual Sunset over Lake Greenbelt series. On a whim this afternoon I decided to make the trip to Buddy Attick Park and try for the shot. Unfortunately I missed the beautiful fall foliage, but I was still determined to keep this thing going. While shooting I was doing the normal set up for an HDR with my monopod and then I decided to try something different and capture it from a worms eye view. I hope you enjoy.



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