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Wilson @ Roosevelt 2010

With the help of a good buddy I got to shoot Wilson @ Roosevelt last Friday night with a nice CanonEF 70-200  f/2.8 L series lens. Needless to say, the pics came out great.  I could only imagine how great these would look if it was a day game.  Also, you may noticed that I’ve been posting a few special pics with tons of post processing on them.  These are apart of what has become a sub project of sorts.  My goal is to try and do what I call profile pics for the Wilson players and for myself.  Eventually I plan to do cool overlays and add the logo in there.   We’ll see what happens.   Anywho, here are some from the last group.

Also, it looks f3nomenal.com will be a flash site.  At first it will start up as a simple site but I will evolve it into something else later.  I’m using the lessons on Lynda.com to put something special together.

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