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16 Jan 2012

A few pics

Here’s my week 2 picture and another that I’m testing out lighting set-ups with.

09 Jan 2012

Beginning With The End – Week 1 of 52

I figured there was no better way to start off the new year with a 52 week photo project. I’ve driven past this interesting sign for the longest always wanting to get a shot, so today I decided to stop. It looks like whoever decided to take shots hit their bulls-eye.

16 Dec 2011

3rd Place in Penn Camera Contest

Great news! I placed 3rd in the Penn Camera Autumn leaves photo contest.  Oddly enough it was with my 3rd choice.  Something odd happened with the upload software and the one image I expected to do well didn’t look good at all.  Anywho, the entries are below and you can go here to see the contest winners.  I just hope that I’m allowed to participate in this month’s contest for Holiday photos.      

06 Oct 2011

The most wonderful time of the year…

For some folks, it’s the Holiday season.  For others, it’s the summer.  For me, I really have a great love and appreciation for Fall.  The temperatures seem to get to a nice place.  Football season starts up and you start get get those wonderful colors on the leaves.  I’m easily my most active this time of year and i plan on sharing each and every shot right here.  For now, I have a few more profile shots I worked on […]

29 Sep 2011

“It’s been a long time…”

Like the title says, it’s been quite some time since I’ve made any additions to this blog.  I’ve spent more time making additions to the various photo sites out there (500px, Flickr, Google+, and FB) that I have neglected my photo site. Well another football season has arrived and I’ve been out following the Wilson Tigers and getting some great shots in the process. Here are a few that I’ve decided to turn into some of the profile pics that […]

14 May 2011

Another shot from Brookside

Here’s another pic from Brookside Garden. I remember thinking that it may be a bad idea to get a close-up with a wide angled lens but it turned out great IMO. Enjoy.

10 May 2011

There’s something about this time of year…

This time of year really makes me want to get off of my butt and go out to see what’s going on in the world.  The weather is nice, the colors are amazing, people are so much happier. Even with the allergies, Springtime has to be on of my favorite times of the year. Last week, a good buddy and I decided to go on over to Brookside Gardens and get a few shots.  Here’s one that I snapped. Stay […]

03 Apr 2011

For the sake…

This  was just simply for the sake of being random.  It’s about time I started using this page for those pics that don’t quite belong on Flickr, but that also don’t need to go on FB as well. Enjoy!    

24 Oct 2010

Fall Colors

Here’s a pseudo HDR that i took on my way out the door from work last week.  I have a lot of pics just sitting around on my drive so you can expect more random updates like this.

24 Oct 2010

Semi drunken debauchery

Doing a little post processing to some of the shots I got Friday @ Great Falls Park,  @ Calvin Coolidge’s homecoming and one from last the game a few weeks back. Enjoy and full gallery uploads will be coming soon. Thanks again to Marcus for the use of that L series lens.

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